Fireplace Accessories

These standard wall treatments are designed to extend from the top of your fireplace to either your ceiling or crown molding. For an additional fee, we offer the following standard styles of wall treatments as well as custom wall treatments.

  • Panel Wall Treatments

  • Block Wall Treatments

  • Diamond Wall Treatments

  • Tiered Wall Treatments

Custom Wall Treatments

Trims are optional decorative accessories that are about 3″-5″ tall and are generally aligned with the top of the fireplace header to add a more elegant feel to the fireplace. Trims are available at no additional cost to your fireplace purchase.

  • Scroll Trim

  • Egg and Dart Trim

  • Rope Trim

  • Lined Trim

  • Half-Round Trim

  • Leaf Trim

  • Flower Trim

Plaques are mounted to the fireplace and allow you to truly personalize the presentation your fireplace will make. Although the lower header is the most common position for them, they can be placed almost anywhere on the fireplace. Any of the following plaque options are available with your fireplace purchase free of charge.

  • Scroll Plaque

  • Flower Scroll Plaque

  • Shell Plaque

  • Cross Plaque

  • Ball Shield Plaque

  • Vine Plaque

  • Lion’s Head Plaque

  • Star Plaque

  • Fleur De Lis Plaque

Versailles Plaque

Blocks are positioned on top of the legs of the fireplace. They can be used to compliment both your plaque and leg selections to contribute to the style you have created. All block selections can be added to the fireplace free of charge.

  • Corinthian Caps

  • Flower Blocks

  • Leaf Blocks

  • Oval Blocks

  • Oval Shield/Owl Blocks

  • Star Blocks

Fireplace legs are the largest accessory you can choose for your fireplace. They are positioned on either side of the firebox and they stand out the most of all the accessory choices. We offer many different leg styles so you can find the perfect one for you and your home at no additional cost to your fireplace purchase.

  • Bold Corbel Legs

  • Fluted Corbel Legs

  • Fluted Round Legs

  • Leaf Corbel Legs

  • Smooth Corbel Legs

  • Smooth Square Legs

  • Spiral Legs

  • Square Legs

  • Sedona Corbel Legs

  • Kensington Corbel Legs

  • Smooth Round Legs